Be Sure to See…Part 2

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Only the Young

To be shown at the AFF, has just been named one of the top five docs of 2012 by the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures.

Only the Young introduces us to three Southern California teenagers living in a small desert town known for its foreclosed homes and empty swimming pools. The town’s single saving grace is its skate parks. Through these vulnerable, articulate, and rebellious youths, audiences get a close-up look at this generation’s hopes and dreams as they learn the importance of friendship.


Combat Girls

Marisa, a 20-year-old working-class German, loves and hates with equal passion. When 14-year-old Svenja joins Marisa’s violent Neo-Nazi group, the older girl incorporates Svenja’s ideal of combat girl fighting into the group’s ideology. But things change when Marisa encounters a young Afghan refugee. Authentic, brutal, and powerful, Combat Girls explores the gritty, complex nuances of national and personal identity; love, family, and friendship.



Starring George Plimpton as himself. Filmmakers Tom Bean and Luke Poling tell the life of this “participatory journalist” who goes togreat (and sometimes) ridiculous lengths to understand others. Plimpton−writer, editor, amateur sportsman, and friend to many−stars in this celebration of a life lived fully and unconventionally.

“An archival feast for fans of Manhattan’s literary heyday, the film’s artful assemblage of TV footage, audio interviews, and present- day remembrances revels in the wit and charm of its subject.”

-The Wall Street Journal