Five Local Connections to Lyndon Baines Johnson

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Geraldine “Gerri” Whittington, LBJ’s personal secretary and the first African-American secretary in the White House, came from South County and attended Wiley H. Bates High School in Annapolis.

LBJ spoke at the City Hall in Cumberland, Maryland, “this seedbed of American liberty,” on May 7, 1964.

Lyndon Johnson’s maternal ancestors, the Huffmans, apparently migrated to Frederick, Maryland from Germany sometime in the mid-eighteenth century

The first Black NASA Administrator and Astronaut, Major General Charles Bolden, sought LBJ’s assistance in securing an appointment to the Naval Academy after being turned down by his state representative, Strom Thurmond.

LBJ visited the Bethesda Naval Hospital in October, 1965 to talk to wounded soldiers who had returned from Vietnam.