Spotlight on Shorts Challenge Contender: Annalise Lamberty

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Six Finalists will duke it out in front of a live panel of industry judges and a voting audience at the Annapolis Film Festival’s First Shorts Challenge: Pitch Contest. The winner receives a $30,000 in-kind production package to produce their short film which will premiere at the 2019 Annapolis Film Festival.

Watch the Shorts Challenge Live, Saturday, March 24 at Maryland Hall Theater. Get your tickets and vote for who you think should be the winner!

Here’s an interview with Shorts Finalist Annalise Lamberty with “Summer Fruit”

Annapolis Film Festival (AFF): Are you a new filmmaker or evolving?
Annalise Lamberty: I’m a relatively new filmmaker coming from a writing background. I’ve been writing my whole life but ventured into filmmaking, particularly directing, during my time studying film at Boston University.

AFF: What is your background in film?
Annalise Lamberty: I’ve always been passionate about storytelling which, for most of my life, took the form of writing fiction. However, I decided to major in film at Boston University (where I’ll be graduating in a month and a half) after realizing I wanted a career where I could bring my words to life, so I’ve been making shorts, music videos, and experimental works – alongside writing scripts – ever since.

AFF: How did you hear about this Shorts Challenge?
Annalise Lamberty: I heard about the Shorts Challenge through my production professor at Boston University, Sam Kauffmann. I was recently one of four female directors in BU’s most advanced production course, and he reached out to us with the Shorts Challenge info knowing that it sought to amplify the voices of female filmmakers and female-centric stories.

AFF: How did you come up with your idea?
Annalise Lamberty: I came up with the idea for the short film “Summer Fruit” sophomore year of college – I was too broke to get my hair cut but desperately needed it, so I put all my faith in a friend to cut my hair for me. It got me thinking about how we express love and intimacy in different ways in our relationships, which led me to write a script about hair, cancer, marriage, and the ripple effect that happens when someone decides to make a major change in their life.

AFF: How are you preparing to WIN this?
Annalise Lamberty: I think the strength of “Summer Fruit” lies in its story and its efficiency. It’s an impactful, realistic story that many people can relate to. I don’t know anyone whose life hasn’t at least been touched by chronic illness, cancer or otherwise and it does what short films are expressly designed to do: tell a short but moving story that doesn’t rely on exposition, huge set pieces, or forcing a feature-length story into a short-length film. “Summer Fruit” is minimal and emotional and important.

AFF: How will winning this change your life?
Annalise Lamberty: Winning the Shorts Challenge would really make a huge impact in my career because it would help me bring this story I’ve carried with me for almost three years to life as a calling card, representing my style and conviction as a writer/director. Winning the Omaha Film Festival short screenplay competition with the “Summer Fruit” script, the first film festival I ever entered, made me realize that I need to have confidence  when it comes to showing the world what I have to offer, so the Shorts Competition is me broadcasting that it’s time for me to make my mark in the entertainment world – particularly now, as part of a vocal generation of female artists.