The Annapolis Film Festival is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors and patrons: the businesses and people of the City of Annapolis. Thanks to your help, the Annapolis Film Festival is a huge success. Now in it’s sixth year we look forward to entertaining close to 16,000 people in the seats with more than 70 films in several Annapolis locations over four days. We welcome visiting filmmakers, host panel discussions and enlighten our community about the art and business of filmmaking.

Our cosmopolitan and historic waterfront town is the perfect place to attract filmmakers, actors and industry professionals from all over the world. Audiences are able to interact closely with our artists and guests and create a dialogue about the shorts, narrative features and documentaries selected for the festival.

The Board of Directors, Festival Staff and the Team Leaders believe deeply in the importance of bringing this festival to Annapolis. With the support of our friends in the State, County and City, their unrelenting hard work and fundraising was able to make our first year a major success. The Annapolis Film Festival is looking forward to partnering again with local non-profits, businesses and YOU!

We intend to become known in the film world for our special treatment of our guest artists, the filmmakers and experts who have graciously come to share their passion and their art of storytelling. And we are well on our way.


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