Five Local Connections to Lyndon Baines Johnson

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Geraldine “Gerri” Whittington, LBJ’s personal secretary and the first African-American secretary in the White House, came from South County and attended Wiley H. Bates High School in Annapolis. LBJ spoke at the City Hall in Cumberland, Maryland, “this seedbed of American liberty,” on May 7, 1964. Lyndon Johnson’s maternal ancestors, the Huffmans, apparently migrated to Frederick, Maryland from Germany sometime …

Dataminr Peter Bailey

Peter Bailey: Tech Talk Keynote Speaker

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Tech Talk Keynote Speaker We are excited to welcome Peter Bailey, Chief Strategy Officer of Dataminr, as our Keynote Speaker for our 2017 Tech Talk, presented by Nimble Storage. The Loews Annapolis Hotel Atrium will be hosting the event on Friday afternoon, March 31st. Tweets, texts, ads, emails, images, film files, music, photos and more: Where are they going and …