These Panels and Panelists are not to be missed!

AnnapolisFilmFestival News & Updates

We have several panels of interest to filmmakers with incredible regional and national panelists. Be sure to sign up now because these filled up quickly last year!

Friday Panels at the O’Callaghan Annapolis Hotel, 174 West Street

The Art of the Pitch

Friday, March 27, 10am-11am

“The Pitch” is one of the most and anxiety-inducing aspects of filmmaking. Hear inside tips on how to sell an idea to the right people in a short period of time and how to put together elements that deliver a green light for your project. Understand the two-minute elevator pitch and perhaps be one of those who gets a chance to pitch the panel and receive a constructive critique of your effort.


Steve Burns – Producer, Commissioning Editor


Meghan O’Hara, director, In Country;

Sylvia Bugg, Vice President, Diversity and Innovation, Corporation for Public Broadcasting;

Jay Parikh, Vice President, Content Enterprises, Maryland Public Television;

Mimi Edmunds, Producer and Professor of Broadcast Journalism, Emerson College

True Story to Screen

Friday, March 27, 11:30pm-12:30pm

Come behind the scenes of one of today’s most popular themes in film: the true story. Take a hard look at the realities of turning a true story into a narrative or documentary feature. For the narrative, what are the challenges of mixing fact and fiction? For the documentary, how hard is it to stay factual yet compelling; cinematic, but real? How do you manage the emotions and expectations of a film’s subject?


David D’Arcy – Producer, Writer, and Film Critic


Kurt Pitzer – Producer, Runoff;

Neal Broffman – Director, Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi;

Ambassador Shabazz – Producer, Diplomat;

James Burns, film subject and co-producer, Jamesy Boy  

As The Web Turns: Movies and series that were created or distributed from the Internet

Friday, March 27, 2pm-3pm

How do you successfully distribute your film on the web today and can you make money on it? Filmmakers and hobbyists alike discover working models championed by those who have done it. Explore and discuss new distribution platforms that defy the conventional distribution model of festival-to-theatrical-to-broadcast-to-VOD/website release. Learn how building your audience along the way and engaging them in the process can be your key to success. If you release your film on the web does it inhibit your chances for press and reviews, theatrical release, or festival inclusion?  Let the experts put you ahead of the game.


Malaika Mose – IBM Software Developer and Writer, Beyond the Box Office


Jessica Tanenhaus – Director of Consulting Services, Mavenspire;

Stephen Janson – Janson Media

Tech Talk:
The Future of Digital Acquisition & Post Production in Film

Friday, March 27th, 4pm-5pm

As the digital world of filmmaking evolves into high resolution and data capture at the 2K, 4K and even 8K levels, learn about the latest practices for technical planning, camera selections, prime lenses and storage needs, workflow planning, and budgets. Explore field storage solutions, how to capture best quality footage per your budget and how to choose between camera systems and lenses for documentary vs. cinematic films. Learn how to get over the finish line with your deliverables.


Emil Gallina, Voice Actor and Producer


Rob Henninger, Henninger Media Services;

Megan Rodney, LensProToGo